B2B Logic.net now ZeroPing IT Services.

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Hello friends, clients and passers-by.

For over 10 years, what was initially a temporary plan to operate my business as a trade style of my father’s business and our only customer, B2B Credit Chex, Inc., quickly became the easy thing to do, and 10 years later we were still doing it.  To the annoyance of countless accountants and business managers that we deal with, B2B Logic.net, while it’s own entity was never it’s own business.

Today that changes.

The More Things Change…
I’m proud to announce that finally, we’re our own corporation. Today we begin business as ZeroPing IT Services, Inc.  Naturally there will be an adjustment period, primarily the name change.  The reason for the name change was that we always felt our name didn’t do a good job of describing what it was we did at a quick glance.  Secondly, our domain name and email addresses were always tricky to give out.

“The letter B, the number 2, the letter B… B as in Business…  I’ll email you our contact info”

This quickly became a common conversation when dealing with people we hadn’t dealt with before.

To that end, our new domain name is zeroping.ca and our email addresses will continue to be firstname@zeroping.ca.  Don’t worry, our b2blogic.net domain will continue to forward emails to our new domain… in case you forget to update your address books 🙂

The More They Remain the Same…
Same ownership, employees and commitment to top quality service.

Outside of a name change, a bunch of paperwork, ( and a swath of bank fees ):P, we will continue to be the exact same company we’ve always been. Dedicated to exceeding expectations, providing the best and most reliable service possible at fair and reasonable rates.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers for their business through the years, it’s because of you that we’re able to do what we do.

I could never express my gratitude.

I appreciate your understanding and patience while we make these changes and assure you that it will not affect your business or ours negatively in any way.

As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns you can call email me ( randal@zeroping.ca ) call me ( 416-619-5411) or send a carrier pigeon ( I have no idea ) and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

Thank you

Randal Santia
ZeroPing IT Services, Inc.

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