ZeroPing IT Services, Inc was founded in 2000 as B2B Logic.net, primarily as a software development firm with 1 customer and operating out of a basement office.  We incorporated and began operating as ZeroPing IT Services, in March 2012.

Since our inception, we have grown the desktop support side of the business, and now dedicated most of our efforts to that end. We still provide software development, through an affiliate, to out clients when the need arises.

Our primary focus is both on customer service and exceeding the technical needs of our clients. By integrating ourselves into your team on a technical level we are there to do what is best for your business both financially & technically.

We work closely with our affiliated companies allowing us access to other resources as they are needed. Many companies try to maximize clients and minimize staff in order to increase profit. At ZeroPing the focus is maximizing client satisfaction and having shared resources gives us the opportunity to provide better service.

Our agreements are tailored to suit the specific needs of each client and with a win-win approach and attitude. We pride ourselves in being as flexible as possible by adapting our agreements to match each client’s unique needs.

We use a variety of convenient online tools to maintain the best possible communication with our clients and we do it in a language that you understand. Not everyone speaks Geek !!!

We are reliable, we are dedicated and we are good at what we do. We strive to exceed expectations and we settle for nothing but complete satisfaction.